Feminists have been debating, studying, and creating pornography for decades, and the transformation of feminism, sexual politics, porn, and popular culture over the last decade has broadened the dialogue on this provocative topic. With the resurgence of anti-pornography feminist scholarship and activism, the time has come to hear from progressive, anti-censorship, sex positive, and sex worker feminist voices.

The Feminist Porn Conference, founded and produced by Tristan Taormino in conjunction with by The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, is held annually at the University of Toronto. It brings together academics, students, cultural critics, sex workers, activists, fans, and porn performers and producers to explore the intersections between feminism and pornography as well as feminist porn as a genre, industry, and movement. It is a part of The Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards, one of the largest gatherings of feminist pornographers in the world. We seek to raise awareness, pose critical questions, and incite dialogue about the shifting landscape of pornography and what roles we can play in it. The conference includes sessions devoted to both academic and non-academic presentations, film screenings, a keynote talk, and networking time.