Archiving Feminist Pornography at
the Sexual Representation Collection

Nicholas Matte, Nicole Ritchie, Lisa Kadey

This lively talk will provide an introduction to the largest collection of feminist pornography in North America, preserved at the Sexual Representation Collection (SRC) at the Marc S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. Curator Nicholas Matte will discuss the collection and describe ways that researchers, film makers and others can draw on its rich archives as primary resources in their projects or studies. He will also discuss the collection in the context of activist efforts to address censorship and the production and circulation of sexual representations, as well as how to become a donor and have your work preserved. Curatorial Assistants Nicole Ritchie and Lisa Kadey will discuss their collection of feminist pornography, specifically including the acquisitions process, the content of our collections, and their current project of incorporating these materials for their upcoming public exhibit, Archiving Public Sex. This talk will also include presentation of audio‐visual materials, an opportunity for questions and discussion, and the reception of new materials donated to the SRC at the conference.


Closing Keynote

Courtney Trouble


Consent & Authenticity:
Interrogating Two Feminist Porn Tenets

Sophie Delancey, Gala Vanting, Madison Young, Pandora Blake

What’s Really Real: Interrogating Authenticity
Sophie Delancey
“Real” is a popular term in porn, and authenticity is a big part of feminist porn, but how do we identify “real” sex, “real” people and “real” porn? Is it merely a marketing tactic or does it convey specific meaning to audiences? What (if anything) denotes authenticity in porn? Can producers and performers build connections — both between individuals on a set and as part of a larger community? Do those connections matter, and if so, why? What does love have to do with authenticity? I want to explore these complex issues about the language, aesthetics, and ethics of reality and authenticity, from the perspective of someone who both markets porn and watches it. What role does producer transparency play in it? Is authenticity an ethical shift that would be apparent on set, or only in the final product?

Manufacturing Realness
Gala Vanting
Seeking to complicate the concept of pornographic ‘realness’, this presentation looks at its manufacture in the ‘girl next door’ and ‘real amateur’ markets. Based on my experience as a performer and producer, I will to discuss the ways in which authenticity can be manufactured, packaged and sold, with and without the willingness of a performer. I am also interested in exploring the ways in which ‘realness’ has become a trope of its own, complete with repetitive visual, verbal, and auditory signifiers, and how it can perhaps be performed by those who stand to profit from a trend towards ‘reality’ in pornographic representation.

Reel Love: Navigating Relationships On Camera and Off— Challenges, Failures and Successes in Documenting Your Sex Life
Madison Young
When your job includes documenting your own authentic expression of sexual self, how do you navigate what is private versus public? When real life lovers document their relationship within the context of feminist pornography how does they retain intimacy? What agreements, communication skills and negotiation tools aid in holding space for the intensity of sharing one’s most intimate moments on-screen? Madison Young addresses these questions while sharing moments from her scrapbook of sexual encounters spanning a decade of photography, film, and excerpts from her recently published memoir, Daddy in this insightful presentation that explores the reality behind Reel Love.

Establishing Consent: Filming Non-Consent Fantasies in Ethical Porn
Pandora Blake
Non-consent fantasies pose problems for ethical pornographers. How do viewers differentiate between non-consensual fantasy and consensual reality? How can producers make this distinction more explicit, and reassure viewers that non-consent scenarios are produced safely, ethically and consensually? When performer consent cannot be portrayed within the text, the onus is on the producer to show it in contextualising materials. As a creator of spanking/punishment films, my methodology employs not only performer interviews, but also behind the scenes videos, out-takes, marketing copy, blog posts, links, comments and social media – particularly contributions written by performers in their own words, and own time.


Creating Fetish Content for Fun & Profit: You Do What On The Internet?!? (Business Track)

Morgan Thorne

Calling all body types! Looking for non-traditional hotties! Learn the practical side of lighting, sound and how to set up a filming space at home. Advice on how to pick a camera and get set up with everything you need for under $100 – and how to make it back within a month or two! We will cover basic editing software, so simple anyone can use it. Most importantly, we will talk about how to find your niche, what you love and what works for you. You won’t make money if you don’t love what you’re doing – it shows!


Do Porn Stars Deserve Privacy?

Emma Claire, James Darling, Cinnamon Maxine, Siouxsie Q, Kitty Stryker, Tina Horn

The easy answer is: of course we fucking do. Yet, we hear the following paradox all the time: “You’re naked on the internet, so if bad things happen, you were asking for it.” What we are “asking for” when we perform sex on camera for money may include social media harassment, on-set exploitation, discrimination in other fields, or non-consensual outing to family and community. Sex worker stigma remains a feminist issue, as it is often motivated by sexist double standards, transmisogyny, and other intersectionalities. When we choose to speak publicly about our experiences in the sex industry, we become even more vulnerable to judgment and scrutiny. Each of our panel of performers will discuss how we grapple with stigma and how we define boundaries as we commercialize intimacy.


Evaluating the Outcome: How Do We Know When Porn Was Produced with Ethical Feminist Principles?

Christopher Daniel Zeischegg, Dylan Ryan, Shine Louise HoustonTristan Taormino, Carlyle Jansen, jessica drake

One major concern about the porn industry is the working conditions of the performers: do they have choices within and outside of the industry? Are they treated with respect on set? Do they suffer consequences on the job or for future jobs if they say no to activities outside their boundaries? What real choices are they given with respect to condom and other safer sex product use? The Feminist Porn Awards strive to include films where the producers employ feminist, ethical labour practices on set. How can we really know? How can we evaluate working conditions on set without actually being there? How do performers assess what is a safe and healthy working environment for themselves ahead of time? How do producers empower their performers? How do consumers know what kinds of business practices they are supporting with their dollars? This discussion will engage performers, producers, academics and those concerned about labour practices to offer ideas on how to measure ethical and fair working conditions on set.


Feminist Porn: A Bundle Of Contradictions?

Rachael Liberman in Conversation with Tristan Taormino

Reflexive Tensions: Theorizing Feminist Pornography as a Performative Heterotopia
Rachael Liberman
This paper suggests that rather than ask whether or not feminist pornography offers a wholesale rejection of commodified patriarchy, the more productive question is: How does feminist pornography address the tensions between capitalist and feminist frameworks? Based on a critical cultural studies-based study, this paper draws from interviews with producers, performers, and consumers and argues that the resistance that operates within feminist pornography stems from sites of tension rather than from a “great refusal.” As a feminist performative heterotopia, feminist pornography provides a space for the reflexive exploration of sexuality based on the ability to recognize its simultaneous adherence to and departure from the conventions of mainstream pornography.

Rachael Liberman’s presentation will be followed by a discussion about complexity, contradiction, the queer gaze, and hetero-representations with feminist porn director and producer Tristan Taormino.


Feminist Pornography: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why It Matters

Lynn Comella, Courtney Trouble, Ms. Naughty, Tanesha H.D.

From the mainstream press to adult industry trade shows, feminist pornography is a hot topic for discussion and debate. Despite all the recent attention, however, there remains a lack of clarity about what constitutes feminist pornography. How is feminist porn different than “porn for women”? In what ways is feminist porn political? Is it simply a clever marketing ploy, as some people have suggested, or something else? This panel seeks to open up a dialogue about what feminist porn is, what it isn’t, and why the label feminist porn matters in a cultural climate that continues to be hostile to both feminism and sexuality more generally.


Feminist/Porn Battlegrounds:
Disability, Religion, The Law and… Tumblr

Kevin Heffernan, KT TorreyZahra StardustTimaree Schmit

‘I’m Not Just Your Average Girl:’ Long Jeanne Silver and Monopede Mania
Kevin Heffernan
Alex de Renzy’s 1977 pornographic feature Long Jeanne Silver , a documentary portrait of an amputee pinup model and porn actress, is the site of intersection of a range of unstable discourses about gender, power, agency, and pleasure. Its eroticized portrait of an upbeat and sexually confident but emotional vulnerable young woman in a wide array of possible relationships with the filmmakers, her co-performers, and possible viewers of the film subverts and interrogates many widely-held assumptions about the pornographic imagination and its role in the psychic lives of its (presumably male) viewer.

Hot Blooded (Check It And See): The Rhetorics of Purity|Porn at Dirty Girls Ministries
KT Torrey
Recent public discussions of female sexuality have re-ignited the rhetorical alliance between evangelical Christians and anti-porn feminists. Indeed, the increasingly porous boundaries between porn and popular culture that both groups cite as their exigence for action has also accelerated the rhetorical bleed between religious and secular discourses around sexuality. I’ll argue that one effect of evangelicals’ attempts to combat pornography addiction among churchgoers has been the emergence of unique circulatory spaces online—like those of Dirty Girls Ministries—that encourage rhetorical bleeds between secular rhetorics of pornography and evangelical discussions of purity, creating dialects of what I call “purity|porn” talk.

‘Fisting is Not Permitted’: Criminal Intimacies, Queer Sexualities and Feminist Porn in the Australian Legal Context
Zahra Stardust
Australia’s National Classification Code expressly prohibits ‘fetish’ from being depicted in X18+ films. This includes ‘body piercing, candle wax, golden showers, spanking and fisting’. This clause has led to customs officials refusing shipments of DVDs because female ejaculation was assumed to be urination (hence, fetish). These prohibitions marginalise queer sexual practices and produce state-sanctioned sexualities permitted to be viewed – bodies that lack the ability to bleed or ejaculate. This presentation will include a screening of The One on the Bottom, a hot, intimate, self-made fisting film as a literal ‘fuck you’ critique of classification laws that misrepresent our practices and communities.

Tumblr and the Battle for Feminist Hearts, Minds and Clits
Timaree Schmit
Tumblr users are predominately young, invested in pop and geek culture and more LGBT friendly than the general population. Lacking the censorship and oversight of many major social network sites, Tumblr has become a clearinghouse for porn images, gifs and videos. Yet, ironically, it has also enabled self-titled “sex negative” users to share their anti-pornography views and the writings of noted radical feminist academics and writers. In this small space, the two outlooks coincide, not without struggle. How has Tumblr shaped these cultures and what do they show us about the future of feminist porn?


Film Screening + Director Q&A: Aussie Porn with Ms. Naughty and Zahra Stardust (Australia)

Followed by Q&A with Ms. Naughty and Zahra Stardust

The One on the Bottom (Zahra Stardust)
Touch and Chrysalis (Gala Vanting/Sensate Films)
Duty Bound (Morgana Muses)
The Band (Anna Brownfield)
Dear Jiz, Tease, and The Male Gaze In Porn (Ms. Naughty)


Film Screening + Director Q&A: BEDPARTY! directed by Shine Louise Houston (USA) and Power at Play directed by Carey Gray (Canada)

Followed by Q&A with Directors Shine Louise Houston,, and Carey Gray, House of Switch Productions

View BEDPARTY! trailer
View Power at Play trailer

What happens when a queer pornographer films heterosexual sex? Watch Shine Louise Houston flip the script in her take on mainstream “Boy/Girl” porn, using her signature cinematic storytelling to create a unique sexual experience that portrays queer cisgender partners Sebastian Keys and Eden Alexander together in their bedroom, doing what they do best: playfully raunchy sex that is anything but “straight.”

Queering the “porn formula,” Shine takes it one step further, pulling out to reveal the filmmakers and crew as they film. She and co-director Alexa Shae become characters within the scene, adding their voices and production process as mirrors of the sexual exploration. Technical equipment like Kino lights intentionally stay in the picture, exposing the filmmaking process as a natural part of this rare and intimate sexual portrait.

Refreshingly raw and honest, Eden and Sebastian’s sex scene features kinky and hardcore sex acts not commonly seen in conventional heterosexual porn. From puppy play and anal fisting to sloppy blow jobs and “toe goggles,” their explicitly candid interviews and unassuming sexual charisma will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear, turned on by their charm and awakened to new views on human sexuality.

BEDPARTY! will be screened with the scene “I Want My Little Girl” from Power at Play directed by Carey Gray (House of Switch Productions, Canada).

Watch real hot queer sex portrayed with Power Jones’ passion and deep desire to receive whatever his play partner has to give. Power endures spanking, canings, ass punching, cock slapping and a shoe kicking ass orgasm accompanied by intense cello music. His desire is articulated and reinforced in each scene through the title, voiceover narrative, and his on screen performance. The real time audio has been removed to create distance between the audience and the performers, providing more space to focus on the visual. This alternate viewing experience is enhanced with original music created for the project and voiceover narrative used throughout the film.

Director Carey Gray: “I created Power at Play with a desire to present hardcore BDSM from an alternative perspective. I set out to create a film that provided a seductive safe environment where one could watch hardcore BDSM and contemplate the possibilities of what they are viewing on screen as something that they may desire in their own erotic life. The feature stars FTM performer Power Jones in four uniquely sexy scenes as he plays out his BDSM jerk off fantasies with an anonymous partner. His desire takes us from playing top as Daddy in “I Want My Little Girl,” to playing bottom in three other scenes where the Top roles are played by a performer whose identity is kept hidden. This deliberate anonymous identity of the co-star effectively puts the focus solely on the experiences of Power.”


Film Screening + Director Q&A: Blue Artichoke Films Retrospective with Jennifer Lyon Bell (The Netherlands) and AnnaBelle Lee

Followed by Q&A with Director Jennifer Lyon Bell and AnnaBelle Lee

Jennifer Lyon Bell’s new soon-to-be-released film Silver Shoes (Blue Artichoke Films) starring Liandra Dahl and AnnaBelle Lee is her most explicit yet. As with her other films, she enjoys blending intimately-shot, explicit sex into an indie arthouse cinema aesthetic. Working within the framework of her typical ‘emotional realism’, Silver Shoes adds a narrative twist: Consciously toying with our conceptions of masculinity and femininity. This 30-minute short film is one of the 4 overlapping and interlocking stories in Silver Shoes, set in Amsterdam. AnnaBelle Lee discovers that her delicate-looking friend (Liandra Dahl) is hiding a secret tough masculine side under her flowered clothes. Suddenly AnnaBelle needs to feel that masculine side for herself. Their obvious sexual chemistry blooms into a multi-orgasmic afternoon. This ‘queerish’ short blends queer, straight, and lesbian porn hallmarks into a genre-crossing representation of sexuality.

Leading up to the Silver Shoes vignette, Jennifer will show a selection of previous work, including Headshot (2006), an excerpt of Skin. Like. Sun. (2010), and the trailer for her forthcoming BDSM and feminism erotic documentary.


Film Screening + Director Q&A: Rhabillage directed by Ovidie (France)

Followed by Q&A with Director Ovidie

Rhabillage is the French word for getting dressed again or to refurbish; it is also used in the military, as in to repair and restore a damaged weapon. Redress is a period during which porn actresses decide to put an end to their career. Is it truly possible to re-invent one’s self when nudity has been exposed in broad daylight?


From Stonewall to SlutWalk: Sex Workers Unite

Mindy Chateauvert

The “new” wars against porn, sex work and trafficking aren’t new. This talk and workshop will asses the tactics, strategies and goals of anti-porn battles fought during the 1980s and 90s. We will discuss how we might wage offensive campaigns that will expose the antis’ repressive goals, identify good organizing practices that are accountable to all, and explore how some public relations messages such as “privacy” can have unintended consequences and bad laws.


Getting In and Getting Out

Christopher Daniel Zeischegg, Dylan Ryan

Dylan Ryan and Christopher Daniel Zeischegg (aka Danny Wylde) will explore the identity progression of individuals from their entrance into the adult industry, through their time as performers and into the shift out of performing and the complications associated re-assimilation into the mainstream workforce.  Each stage of the timeline will be examined through the personal, and auto-ethnograpic experience of the presenters/performers as well as by looking at stories, writing, first-person accounts and research created by other current and former adult industry professionals.  Additionally this talk will discuss both the positive and negative impacts that performing has on the identity of an individual, including but not limited to; sociological, emotional, psychological and intimate.  It is our belief that this conversation, when set in the academic and professional environment of the Feminist Porn Conference will add to the growing corpus of work that seeks to illuminate porn and the interpersonal experiences of porn for a broad audience.


How to Respond to Criticism Productively

Tobi Hill-Meyer

Part of what makes our work strong and vibrant is the ability to respond to criticism, grow from it, and constantly question ourselves about how we can do better. Feminist porn developed from critiquing problems we see in porn. Learn to identify legitimate criticism from harassment, de-escalation and conflict resolution techniques, and media skills for engaging in public arguments. We will go over responses to common anti-porn arguments, address real world examples, and encourage respectful and constructive criticism within our own feminist porn community – all while remembering to take care of ourselves in the process.


If You Build It, They Will .com: Feminist Porn Website Development & Troubleshooting (Business Track)

Chris Lowrance, Jiz Lee

Based on their experience developing acclaimed membership and video-on-demand pay sites such as and, Jiz Lee and Chris Lowrance will lead a crash course in creating a porn pay site. Topics include: choosing a hosting package, keeping customer info secure, protecting premium content from non-paying viewers (and pirates), choosing a payment processor that’s okay with pornographic content (and why you should never use Paypal for adult content), and preparing content for viewing on screens both small and mobile, or large and in the living room.

Drawing from past questions from clients, Jiz and Chris will answer common questions and present solutions for the unique challenges of launching and maintaining a commercial feminist porn site. The two will also present Frequently Asked Queers: Customer Service Concerns, addressing issues unique to queer content providers, and Top 5 Mistakes (And How We Fixed Them), including how to save a site that’s been hacked.


Love The Whore You’re With:
Self Care and Allyship for Sex Workers

Tina Horn, Andre Shakti, Arabelle Raphael

In order to produce feminist porn, you need feminist sexual labor. But what does feminist sex work look like? We propose that it involves self-care, social justice, and mutual respect. In this workshop, we will discuss various tools porn performers can use to make professional sex emotionally, physically, and financially sustainable. Topics will include burn-out prevention, health care access, and transitioning out of the industry. We will also share suggestions of what non-workers can do to support their working partners, dates, friends, family members, and community members. This is a workshop for sex worker voices, but we also welcome active listeners who wish to learn more about allyship.


Masochistic Femininity and Feminist Kink Porn

Sarah Stevens in Conversation with Madison Young and Dylan Ryan

Rope Sluts, and Bottoms, and Subs Oh My: Rethinking Femininity and Masochism in Feminist Kink Porn
Sarah Stevens
Looking specifically at self-professed rope slut, submissive, and feminist pornographer Madison Young’s 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan (2013) I come to argue that feminist discourse on women’s sexuality both frame representations of female submission and also contribute to their carnal affect. By embedding the discourse around 50 Shades of Grey within the film text itself Young’s film re-imagines the dualities that have traditionally dominated feminist cultural critique. Beginning with a brief, rigorous examination of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, this paper opens possibilities for rethinking the traditional discourses on women, femininity, and masochistic desire.

50 Shades of Dylan Ryan subject and performer Dylan Ryan and director Madison Young will join Sarah Stevens after she presents her paper in a conversation about the theory and practice of BDSM, kink, and feminism.


More Buck for Your Bang: How to Make Money
by Marketing Your Work (Business Track)

Jiz Lee, Shine Louise Houston

We’ve heard the saying: “more bang for your buck” — but what if you want to get more bucks, more money, from your bang? Specifically, how can you get more more sales, a bigger buck, from a sex scene, especially as a performer or porn producer?

“More Buck for your Bang” is a business presentation aimed to empower porn professionals with a basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing and how it can help not only increase their income, but also improve the health of the adult industry at large by cultivating ethical consumption. Performers often think that their paycheck ends with the scene, however performers of any notoriety can take advantage of the affiliate programs offered from porn sites and retailers. Many competitive programs offer up to 50% commissions, meaning a performer has the potential to continue earning income long after their shoot.

Lead by Pink & White Productions’ Online Marketing Director Jiz Lee and founder/director Shine Louise Houston , the presentation offers an introduction to affiliate programs, shares why such programs are vital component of running a porn site, and offers tips and advice on marketing campaigns, for both producers and talent, as well as sex bloggers and reviewers who write about pornography.


Opening Keynote

Lisa Duggan


Our Great Grand Queers: Porn Before WWII

Maggie Mayhem

The first motion picture projector was made available in 1895. In 1896, the first known pornographic film “Le Coucher de la Marie” (Bedtime For The Bride) by Eugène Pirou and a man credited as Lear but known to be Albert Kirchner was produced in France. A thriving industry of “blue films” was born, first depicting the popular stripteases of top erotic dancers but then very quickly embracing hardcore images of group sex, use of sex toys including strap-ons, and rampant queerness that counters the more common heterosexual narrative of porn history that most people believe.

This talk will offer a comparison of pornography made at the beginning of film as a medium and queer pornography being produced today. What do these two eras have in common when one is a pornography that predates the industry, the other is one that bucks up against the norms of the industry? A contextual analysis of technology, political climate, social mores, talent base, screening modality, and more will be presented along side short clips to establish relationship in content depiction and aesthetic tropes.


Pornographers Without Borders

Jennifer Lyon Bell, Pandora Blake, Ms. Naughty, Ovidie

Although feminist porn in North America has gained a lot of media attention in the last few years, it is growing and thriving in Europe and Australia as well. This panel features filmmakers who live and work in France, the Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. Panelists will explore how their aesthetics, agendas, and challenges overlap with and differ from American and Canadian feminist porn; they will also address how their work is received by international audiences. They will discuss distribution channels and strategies with an eye toward growing a global feminist porn movement.


Research, Archive, Teach, and/or Do it:
Sex Work in the Academy

Bobby Noble, Lisa Sloniowski, Constance Penley, Zeb Tortorici

Feverish Collections: Porn Studies, Archiving and the Porn Library
Bobby Noble, Lisa Sloniowski

In her 1991 collection, Libraries, Erotica, and Pornography, Martha Cornog wrote that libraries were in a state of chaos with regard to pornography, torn between an anti-censorship ethos on the one hand, and on the other, a view of its collections as repositories of social and literary value and librarians as arbiters of ‘good taste’ (Oryx Press). Almost 25 years later, our collaborative and federally-funded research project – the Feminist Porn Archive and Research Project (York University) – continues to explore these and new questions which emerge in Porn Studies not only about researching porn cultures and texts but also about collections and archives, sex, sexuality, the body, and the digital – questions prompted by ongoing research in both feminist and queer theories and porn studies communities. This joint presentation considers the ways that research depends upon not only the existence of porn in libraries and archives but also the way that the ‘library’ – with an eye to both collection but also to the future preservation of porn texts, contexts, and contemporary discourse as the future’s history – can work to disrupt conventional collection practices and the frameworks that those material practices generate about the social, intellectual and research spaces dedicated to theorizing porn as sexual knowledge.

Teaching Pornography: “A New Low in Humanist Excess”
Constance Penley, University of California-Santa Barbara
Rolling Stone called me “one of the most dangerous professors in America” for the course on pornographic film I have been teaching at UC Santa Barbara since 1993. The televangelist Pat Robertson denounced my class as “a new low in humanist excess” on a special of The 700 Club on godlessness in public schools. What have been the changing challenges and successes of a feminist teaching pornography as a genre and an industry over those 20 years? Can teaching pornography help to shift the cultural and political climate for sexual expression, feminist and otherwise?

Autopornography and the Discipline of History
Zeb Tortorici
As a professional historian—teaching the history of sexuality in a Spanish and Portuguese Literature Department—who has explored multiple modes of engagement with sex work (mainstream gay porn, webcam shows, and indie porn), I explore how my sex work and my scholarship inform one another. I draw explicit links between the exposure of my own body—autopornography—and the exposure of the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century bodies about whom I write—ethnopornography. Connecting autopornography and ethnopornography is a political and intellectual project, as well as an exercise in (historical) vulnerability that allows for cross-temporal affective encounters between bodies and desires.


Running Race: Sexual Consumption, Labor, and
Expressions by Women of Color

Mireille Miller-Young, Tanesha H.D., April Flores, Akio Maroon

This panel explores women of color’s engagements with pornography and various forms of sex work. Ranging from performance to fandom to sex industry labor issues and identity politics, this panel examines how race, gender, class, and sexuality intertwine to shape the unique experiences of women of color in commercial sexual culture. In light of the potential for feminist and queer porn to open up new opportunities for women of color in the industry, the panelists will discuss the significance of women of color feminist and queer politics to their sexual consumption, labor, and expressions in porn and beyond.


The History, Politics, and Ethics of Pornographic Authenticity (Theory/Practice)

Amy Jamgochian (via Skype) in Conversation with Shine Louise Houston

“Queer Filmmaker Shine Louise Houston brings to the web authentic female and queer sexuality. Here you’ll find real dyke porn, lesbians, femme on femme, boi, stud, genderqueer and trans-masculine performers, trans women, trans men, queer men and women engaging in authentic queer sexuality, whether it is with safer sex, strap-on sex, cock-sucking, kink and BDSM, gender play and fluidity, and always authentic orgasms.” –

“I didn’t write that.” – Shine Louise Houston

“Real” is a valuable term for search engine optimization in pornography. In a historical context in which a strong demand has arisen for a distinction between “gay for pay” performers of queer sex and performers whose sex on screen more closely represents their non-screen sex, the ideas and keywords of “realness” and “authenticity” are efficient codes for a separate genre of porn and a specific set of porn preferences. Ideas of authenticity and realness call on longer histories of gender, sexuality, and film, though, ones that together powerfully undermine the idea that “real, authentic sexuality” is possible — at the same time as these histories demonstrate reasons for the force of our desire for such ideals. In this conversation, queer filmmaker Shine Louise Houston and UC Berkeley lecturer Amy Jamgochian discuss the history, politics, and ethics of pornographic authenticity.


The Queercrip Politics of Re/Making Feminist Porn: A Facilitated Discussion About Access and Porn

Loree Erickson

I want to create a space to interrogate and re-imagine the ways we make porn. Much queer, trans, crip, and/or feminist porn seeks to open up understandings and practices of desires, bodies, sex and sexiness. Despite the many ways this work is happening, and there are many, as it is in these spaces of exclusion and disappointment where much feminist porn gets it inspiration. There are still many ways that we are replicating larger patterns of systemic power and privilege. While much queer, trans, crip, and/or feminist porn goes a long way in addressing the invisibility of many different desires and bodies as well as challenging the formulaic sex conventions in mainstream porn, there many ways we haven’t pushed ourselves and our work far enough. Porn makers have some control over who is involved in their productions and should attempt to create conditions that encourage and enable people typically excluded from being involved in porn. We will discuss different strategies to make this happen. There are also many structural barriers and conventions in how we make porn that often allows for the repetition of white supremacy, ableism, cissexism, classism, femmephobia/misogyny, fat phobia and so much more. Breaking out of these repetitions is difficult, and that’s why I want to host a discussion that utilizes the imaginative potential of porn, porn makers, and performers to transform cultures of undesirability that exclude so many of us. This reflection will provide a foundation for re-imagining how we make porn in order to make the porn we make and watch hotter and more accessible.


Turned On: New Technologies, Sexual Interface, and Feminist Erotic Media

N. Maxwell Lander, JP Robichaud, Merritt Kopas, Naomi de Szegheo-Lang

As new technologies proliferate and become more accessible to media creators, viewers and fans are presented with new ways of engaging with overtly erotic content. These new forms of sexually explicit imagery breach the boundaries of film representation and move beyond solitary in-home experiences, implicating new spaces in the disruption of dominant and oppressive sexual experiences. This presentation will discuss the ways in which digital technologies allow for an almost limitless number of pornographic experiences. Presenters will consider questions of subjectivity, authenticity, art, performance and the impact of new interaction-based technologies on art-porn production.