An Atheist movement should consist primarily of validation and support

My friends have taken flak from their peers about their non-belief in sky fairies and such, but they also report others in their sphere saying "my parents make me learn this stuff, but I don't believe it either!". The very existence of "out atheists" makes it possible for others to say "whew! Me too!".

In other words, this should be more like a gay rights movement, not a religious movement surrogate.

People who believe in no morality at all

I meant to add: in this discussion, I was blamed for the discussion getting personal and out of hand (the whole idea was to talk about beliefs without attacking them). I found this frustrating and infuriating, given that it was atheists who speak out who had first been attacked (and compared to WBC, no less!). Why? Because if an atheist gets angry when shit is talked about atheists, they become the Rude Militant Atheist who everyone hates: "I would say that your post has proved my point," said our dummy atheist friend. The truth, of course, is that my anger proves nothing whatsoever, but it provides a handy excuse to not engage in the content of my arguments (feminists, civil rights activists, advocates for GLBT rights have all experienced this problem in discourse).

The Rude Atheist, like the Angry Feminist, is extremely harmful to discourse, because it allows theists, or atheists who live in a bubble world, to disengage from the argument. It has nothing to do with the reality and everything to do with enforcing the status quo by blaming the victim and failing to engage in discussion.